Salem Methodist Preschool
...A World of Discovery
Our School
It is our belief that each child enters school with individual skills, abilities, and needs.
Our goal is to assist in developing these skills and abilities, while meeting each child's individual needs.

Our teachers and staff strive to provide a positive educational experience for every child, taking into account that:
For most children, Salem Methodist Preschool represents their first educational experience .

Children form lasting impressions of school and learning through their preschool experience.

It is very important that these impressions are positive .
It is essential that children develop appropriate attitudes towards learning.

Our teachers strive to provide a caring and accepting atmosphere which promotes a love of learning and a desire to be successful, while developing a positive self-image and self-confidence necessary to meet all of life's new challenges.
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  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
Our Staff
(staff pictures will rotate)
  1. Mrs. Aulert
    Mrs. Aulert
    Pre K & Enrichment
  2. Ms. Carlson
    Ms. Carlson
    Pre 4's and 2's
  3. Mrs. Golich
    Mrs. Golich
  4. Mrs. Hagedorn
    Mrs. Hagedorn
    Pre K & Enrichment
  5. Mrs. Heiden
    Mrs. Heiden
    2's and 3's
  6. Mrs. Johnson
    Mrs. Johnson
    Assistant Director
  7. Mrs. Kearns
    Mrs. Kearns
  8. Mrs. Kondraros
    Mrs. Kondraros
    Young 2's
  9. Mrs. Kozlowski
    Mrs. Kozlowski
  10. Mrs. Kraft
    Mrs. Kraft
    4's, Pre 4's and Enrichment
  11. Mrs. Michelson
    Mrs. Michelson
    Pre 4's
  12. Mrs. Roth
    Mrs. Roth
    2's and Enrichment
  13. Mrs. Rough
    Mrs. Rough
    Pre 4's and Kindergarten Enrichment
  14. Mrs. Schaefer
    Mrs. Schaefer
  15. Mrs. Schiller
    Mrs. Schiller
  16. Mrs. Sciaccotta
    Mrs. Sciaccotta
    4's & Enrichment
  17. Mrs. Sprengel
    Mrs. Sprengel
    2's & Enrichment
  18. Mrs. Standiford
    Mrs. Standiford
    3's & Enrichment
  19. Mrs. Ursettie
    Mrs. Ursettie
  20. Mrs. Yang
    Mrs. Yang
    Young 2's
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  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
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Sponsorship & Registration
Salem Methodist Preschool is sponsored by the Salem United Methodist Church. The preschool is governed by a Preschool Board of Directors consisting of eleven persons who are members of the church.
We look forward to seeing you in the 2018-19 school year!
If you are interested in a program right now or in the upcoming school year, we encourage you to contact the office for additional information.
Enrollment begins in January for students presently attending Salem Methodist Preschool. 

Families that previously had children in attendance may register in January.

Community registration begins in the middle of February. 
Admission Requirements
Any child from 18 months to 6 years, regardless of sex, race, color or creed, who can benefit from our program may be admitted to our school. Parents are asked to provide basic identifying and developmental information concerning the child on an “Enrollment Record” provided by the school. Also a physical examination is needed within 6 months of the child entering our school on a form provided by the school.
        A child must be 18 months by September 1st to be admitted into the Young 2's program. 

        A child must be 2 years old by September 1st to be admitted into the 2-year old program.

        A child must be 3 years old by September 1st to be admitted into the 3-year old program. 

        A child must be 4 by September 1st to be admitted in the 4/5 year-old classes. 

        The child must be toilet trained. Some exceptions are made but only with approval from the director. 

        Children will stay with the same class all year unless it is determined by the teacher and the director that the child would benefit         in a different class. 

        Parents and child are encouraged to visit our center before enrolling. 

Appointments can be set-up by calling the Preschool Office (847) 381-0536.
We plan our curriculum within the framework of our Philosopy and purpose to include
        Sharing and conversation time
        Stories, songs, and finger plays 
        Creative art activities 
        Large muscle activities 
        Exposure to shapes, colors, numbers, and letters 
        Food preparation 
        Science and nature activities 
        In-school field trips for all children 
        Field trips throughout the community for the four & five year               olds
​        Celebration of birthdays and holidays ​

Early childhood should be a time of fun, warmth, security, exploring, and discovery. Preschool children are naturally creative and receptive, and these qualities should be nurtured and encouraged.
The teachers and staff will strive to provide an atmosphere that encourages social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth and development of the child as a whole.
        Bible stores and Christian songs
        Prayers before snacks and lunch 
        Celebration of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter 
        General philosophy about God's World 
        Christian attitudes are part of our philosophy 
        Children attend Children's Chapel periodically, which includes - song, prayer, and a short message by our Pastor