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At Salem Methodist Preschool, we nurture and grow alongside the whole child. Listening, learning, and adapting to their unique abilities and needs. 

We provide a safe and nurturing environment, while developing and encouraging the playful yet teachable fundamental aspects of what it’s like to be a young child. 

Our long-lasting mission has always been to provide your child with an environment where they feel seen, to reach their full learning potential, while fostering a lifelong love for learning! 

We firmly believe that the developmental building block years of your child’s life are an imperative part of shaping a joyful, intelligent, and well-rounded child.

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Safety and security are our highest priority. We utilize recorded surveillance systems to make sure that your child is safe. Personalized self-check-in and out QR codes, in-depth staff-wide background checks, CPR training, and multi-layered locked doors.



Situated in the heart of downtown Barrington, our school is quaintly nestled within the walls of the long-standing and well-respected Salem Methodist church.

Easy, streamlined access for pick-ups and drop-offs are of paramount importance to us.You’ll love our flexible weekly schedules and are sensitive to the fact that your lives are busy. We roll out the Red Carpet for daily drop-offs, where you and your child will be warmly welcomed by a member of our faculty. Rain, snow or shine.


We pride ourselves on hiring the best, highly qualified, nurturing educators to shape your child’s earliest years.

Our team has countless years of experience in early learning education. Our staff focuses on developmentally appropriate practices for each individual child, deeply opposing the “cookie cutter” experience and practicing more of a “whole child” approach. We dive into the specific aspects of what makes your child so special. In turn, making them feel seen, heard, and loved.


Hosting smaller class sizes, our teachers and staff are able to cater to the specific needs of your child, similarly to the point mentioned above. Smaller class sizes mixed in with play-based learning – allow us to hone in and get to know your child at a personal level, with a personal touch.


Sensory rooms and play-based learning are at the heart of Salem Methodist Preschool. Intentionally creating visually stimulating classrooms that encourage the children’s imagination to run free. We include a “calm down” center in every classroom, in which children are taught the means to self-regulate and come back to a state of calm and clarity, all under the empathetic supervision of our staff members.

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