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February 2018 Newsletter & Calendar

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2018-2019 Course Offerings

Feb 12 - New family registration begins
Feb 13/14 - Valentine's Parties
Feb 14/15 - Stretch & Grow
Feb 16 - Salem in session (no Barrington 220)
Feb 19 - NO SCHOOL - President's Day
Feb 22 - Miss Carole and Clarence of Macaroni Soup in concert at Salem (6:15 pm)
Feb 26-March 2 - Book Fair all week (Welcome Center)
Mar 1/2 - Parent-Teacher Conferences
March 1 - No Preschool (except for Kgtn Enrichment, Leaping Into Literacy and Extended)
March 2 - No Preschool (except for Science Discovery, Fun Friday and Extended)
March 6 - Pre K field trip to Max McGraw
March 7 - 4's field trip to Max McGraw
March 14/15/16 - Donuts with Dad 8:30 am
March 23 - Salem in session (no Barrington 220)
March 24-April 2 - Spring Break
Tuesday April 3 - Classes resume

We believe each child is a unique individual, created in Gods own image. We recognize the importance of prayer in relation to everyday life and the need to instill solid Christian values in our young children. Our staff will encourage your child to express these vlaues.

We desire that your child will learn that he/she is a special part of God's creation and that we all need to live in harmony with many people of different races and beliefs. We will provide an oppertunity for your child to grow cognitively, socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

It is our purpose to prepare your child with the necessary skills needed to grow in these are and to relate to others in all areas of life begniing with these formative years.