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May 2017 Newsletter and Calendar
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2017-2018 Salem Calendar

May 4 - Author's Tea (4's-A and 4's)
May 5 - Paperwork and May 2018 tuition due
May 9 - Tea for Two (Pre K)
May 10 & 11 - Stretch N Grow sessions
May 15 & 16 - Young 2's and 2's field trip to         
                          Citizen's Park
May 17 - 4's-A, 4's and Pre K field trip to Gateway to
May 24 - Pre K crossing over ceremony
May 25 - Last day of preschool
May 26 - All-School Picnic (Ron Beese Park)
May 26-27 - Salem Church Rummage Sale
May 29 - Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL
May 30 - Extended Only
May 31-June 1 - Week #1 Summer Camp (9-12:30)
Summer Camp continues through July 20th
June 29 - Salem Parade and Picnic
July 3-4 - Salem closed for holiday
July 28 - Last day of Salem before closed for cleaning
August 14 - Salem extended resumes

We believe each child is a unique individual, created in Gods own image. We recognize the importance of prayer in relation to everyday life and the need to instill solid Christian values in our young children. Our staff will encourage your child to express these vlaues.

We desire that your child will learn that he/she is a special part of God's creation and that we all need to live in harmony with many people of different races and beliefs. We will provide an oppertunity for your child to grow cognitively, socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

It is our purpose to prepare your child with the necessary skills needed to grow in these are and to relate to others in all areas of life begniing with these formative years.